Kymell’s race was built with race points, and works to represent a half-blue dragon creature that seems to be a storm giant when coupled with her class and abilities gained through that.

Kymell (40RP)

Dragon type

Dragons have the darkvision 60 feet racial trait. Dragons have the low-light vision racial trait. Dragons are immune to magical sleep effects and paralysis effects. Dragons breathe, eat, and sleep.

Medium Size

Medium races have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. A Medium creature has a space of 5 feet by 5 feet and a reach of 5 feet.

Normal Speed

Advanced ability scores with advanced constitution

Kymell gains a +4 racial bonus to her strength score, a -2 penalty to her dexterity score and a +2 to all her mental scores.

Standard Languages -

Natural Armour

Kymell has a +2 natural armor bonus to her Armor Class.

Electricity Immunity

Kymell is immune to electricity.

Acid Vulnerability

Kymell receives an additional 50% damage from all sources of acid damage.


Kymell, like most half-dragons, has a fly speed based on her land speed. However, due to her sheer mass, unlike most other half-dragons, her fly speed is only equal to her normal fly speed with poor manoeuvrability, not twice her land speed with average manoeuvrability.


Kymell, like many of the titans of old, has four arms. Only one of these is her primary arm, the rest are off-hand arms.


Kymell, unlike most half-dragons, possess a gore attack. This stems from the titan blood mutating and warping the blue dragons blood. It does damage as appropriate to her size.


Kymell, due to the blending of titan and dragon blood, possess claws on each arm. These are as capable as any human hand at fine manipulation, and each deals damage as appropriate for a creature of her size.


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