Kingmaker AP GG Burwood

Night 3 - Failed ambush galore

Oathday, 3rd of Pharast - Starday, 5th of Pharast

At night, resting at the Thorn River Camp, 4 more bandits arrive sneakily, but are spotted by Yavin. The party goes to skirmish and meet Burke, who had been tracking the bandits for a few hours. One bandit is dead and the other 3 are loaded onto the cart.

Fireday, 4 Pharast

The party explore it first hex, [47.25N 09.75E], and finds 4 boggards. An incompetent ambush is set up and the boggards are surrounded and killed.

Starday, 5 Pharast

Hex [47.33N 10.00E] is explored. Camping at night, Yavin spots a Werewolf! It mauls the party almost to death. Abraxis attempts an escape with the cart, but a figure in the distance fires magical energy at the wounded beast, rendering it unconscious. The old man comes over to collect alchemical ingredients from the body, revealing himself to be Bokken, an alchemist living 20 miles to the west (from the radish patch).



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