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Night 8 - GOLD RUSH!
Toilday, 8 Pharast - Oathday, 10 Pharast

Camping after a day of exploration, Gelain hears a noise on his watch. Jumping off the cart he is immediately set upon by a Brush Thylacine. Gelain suffers a nasty wound, but the others come in to see him bloody and standing victorious over its corpse.

Wealday, 9 Pharast

The cart hits a nasty bump while exploring hex [47.16N 10.00E] and has to stop for repairs. Half the party head off to continue the job. They come across a cave with a gold vein and they cover it up with branches (DC 20). Location is encoded on the map.

Oathday, 10 Pharast

Repairs are completed.

Night 5 - Spider troubles
Sunday, 6 Pharast - Toilday, 8 Pharast

After the battle with the werewolf, the party immediately tend to the wounds and the few people that can walk strain onward to Oleg’s.

Sunday, 6 Pharast

Arriving at Oleg’s at 3 am, the party is hailed by a guard, Kesten, and allowed in. Two other guards have also camped in the structure. Oleg, concerned for the party, gives them their free rooms.

Moonday, 7 Pharast

The party explores the immediate vicinity of Oleg’s, hex [47.33N 10.25E].

Toilday, 8 Pharast

As the party explores hex [47.25N 10.25E] they come across a field of corpses. Burke is surprised by a giant spider which drags him into its trapdoor. The party collapses the entrance and fells the spider, saving Burke, just barely. Inside its webbed lair there is a corpse with loot, including a map showing a bare oak tree on a hill, looking like its clawing the sky.

Night 3 - Failed ambush galore
Oathday, 3rd of Pharast - Starday, 5th of Pharast

At night, resting at the Thorn River Camp, 4 more bandits arrive sneakily, but are spotted by Yavin. The party goes to skirmish and meet Burke, who had been tracking the bandits for a few hours. One bandit is dead and the other 3 are loaded onto the cart.

Fireday, 4 Pharast

The party explore it first hex, [47.25N 09.75E], and finds 4 boggards. An incompetent ambush is set up and the boggards are surrounded and killed.

Starday, 5 Pharast

Hex [47.33N 10.00E] is explored. Camping at night, Yavin spots a Werewolf! It mauls the party almost to death. Abraxis attempts an escape with the cart, but a figure in the distance fires magical energy at the wounded beast, rendering it unconscious. The old man comes over to collect alchemical ingredients from the body, revealing himself to be Bokken, an alchemist living 20 miles to the west (from the radish patch).

Day 3 - Kobolds and Fords
Oathday, 3rd of Pharast

Oathday, 3 Pharast

Setting out south by south-west on their new found horses (spoils from the bandits) the party noticed kobolds in the distance in a forest clearing. They were wiped out from range and in the first few attacks of combat. They had been feeding on a patch of moon radishes, the same ingredient Svetlana required and were promptly picked. One surviving kobold was left to die.

Later, the party comes across the Thorn River Camp, and are spotted as one of the watchtower guards throws a Thunderstone. A battle ensues and 2 bandits lie dead, 2 unconscious and Kressle is captive. The 2 bandits are de-handed (Yavin refuses to allow Kressle to be harmed further) as some rudimentary repairs are performed on the broken cart. All the camp supplies and stolen trading furs and goods are loaded onto the cart and so are the 3 captive bandits.

Day 1
Moonday, 31st of Calistril - Wealday 2nd of Pharast

Moonday, 31 Calistril 4712

The party is on the road from Restov, having received a charter from Restov instructing them to explore the Stolen Lands south of Oleg’s trading post. Among them were Getafix, the gnome druid, Abraxis, the gnome wizard, a nameless elf ranger, Gelain, the dwarf ranger, Hilda B Evil, the half-elf barbarian, and Yavin, the ratfolk ninja.

Upon arriving, they learned that Oleg had been expecting guards from Restov and humbly asked the explorers if they could help. They set up a trap, with Oleg shutting the gate to the fort when the bandits were inside, and clobbering them.

After extracting information and executing the unrepentant or removing the hands of repentant bandits, they stayed to rest for Toilday and Wealday, caring for each other’s wounds and receiving a little druidic healing. Svetlana approached the party and asked them to pick Moon Radishes for Oleg’s favorite soup to calm him down.


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