Kingmaker AP GG Burwood

Night 8 - GOLD RUSH!

Toilday, 8 Pharast - Oathday, 10 Pharast

Camping after a day of exploration, Gelain hears a noise on his watch. Jumping off the cart he is immediately set upon by a Brush Thylacine. Gelain suffers a nasty wound, but the others come in to see him bloody and standing victorious over its corpse.

Wealday, 9 Pharast

The cart hits a nasty bump while exploring hex [47.16N 10.00E] and has to stop for repairs. Half the party head off to continue the job. They come across a cave with a gold vein and they cover it up with branches (DC 20). Location is encoded on the map.

Oathday, 10 Pharast

Repairs are completed.



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