Kingmaker AP GG Burwood

Night 5 - Spider troubles

Sunday, 6 Pharast - Toilday, 8 Pharast

After the battle with the werewolf, the party immediately tend to the wounds and the few people that can walk strain onward to Oleg’s.

Sunday, 6 Pharast

Arriving at Oleg’s at 3 am, the party is hailed by a guard, Kesten, and allowed in. Two other guards have also camped in the structure. Oleg, concerned for the party, gives them their free rooms.

Moonday, 7 Pharast

The party explores the immediate vicinity of Oleg’s, hex [47.33N 10.25E].

Toilday, 8 Pharast

As the party explores hex [47.25N 10.25E] they come across a field of corpses. Burke is surprised by a giant spider which drags him into its trapdoor. The party collapses the entrance and fells the spider, saving Burke, just barely. Inside its webbed lair there is a corpse with loot, including a map showing a bare oak tree on a hill, looking like its clawing the sky.



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