Kingmaker AP GG Burwood

Day 3 - Kobolds and Fords

Oathday, 3rd of Pharast

Oathday, 3 Pharast

Setting out south by south-west on their new found horses (spoils from the bandits) the party noticed kobolds in the distance in a forest clearing. They were wiped out from range and in the first few attacks of combat. They had been feeding on a patch of moon radishes, the same ingredient Svetlana required and were promptly picked. One surviving kobold was left to die.

Later, the party comes across the Thorn River Camp, and are spotted as one of the watchtower guards throws a Thunderstone. A battle ensues and 2 bandits lie dead, 2 unconscious and Kressle is captive. The 2 bandits are de-handed (Yavin refuses to allow Kressle to be harmed further) as some rudimentary repairs are performed on the broken cart. All the camp supplies and stolen trading furs and goods are loaded onto the cart and so are the 3 captive bandits.



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