Kingmaker AP GG Burwood

Day 1

Moonday, 31st of Calistril - Wealday 2nd of Pharast

Moonday, 31 Calistril 4712

The party is on the road from Restov, having received a charter from Restov instructing them to explore the Stolen Lands south of Oleg’s trading post. Among them were Getafix, the gnome druid, Abraxis, the gnome wizard, a nameless elf ranger, Gelain, the dwarf ranger, Hilda B Evil, the half-elf barbarian, and Yavin, the ratfolk ninja.

Upon arriving, they learned that Oleg had been expecting guards from Restov and humbly asked the explorers if they could help. They set up a trap, with Oleg shutting the gate to the fort when the bandits were inside, and clobbering them.

After extracting information and executing the unrepentant or removing the hands of repentant bandits, they stayed to rest for Toilday and Wealday, caring for each other’s wounds and receiving a little druidic healing. Svetlana approached the party and asked them to pick Moon Radishes for Oleg’s favorite soup to calm him down.



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